welcome message

Breaststroke 4 Hope is a grass root non-profit organization that raises money for breast cancer awareness and education thru a series of swim charity events and royalties from product sales of Breaststroke 4 Hope products. We have had an amazing 2012 and I would like to thank all who have participated in our events. The end of the year is approaching and Breaststroke 4 Hope reflects back to the pool waters that participants have swam and their incredible efforts to affect women’s lives to fight breast cancer. This first year has been an amazing experience and we would like to share each event of 2012 and highlight upcoming events in 2013. We can all make a difference in this cause and Breaststroke 4 Hope encourages you to “Dive In”. Because you know someone….. who knows someone… who knows. Breaststroke 4 Hope.